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Our History

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How we started

Wallace Woodworks Artisans LLC was founded in 1982 by its owner Jeff Wallace who was 22 years old. After spending most of his youth involved in the woodworking industry he decided to start his own wood shop. Even though completely blind to the realities and complexities of such a lofty endeavor, he moved forward. With help from a dear friend who owned a tool business, he acquired the basic power tools needed with the promise to pay him back as soon as he was able.

Having no real options as to where to set up shop, his father gave his blessing to transform the dilapidated shed behind the rented house they had lived in for the past 16 years. Borrowing $20.00 from his younger brother to open a business check book, there was nowhere to go but up. With just enough electricity to turn on one power tool at a time, he was ready to start. Because he had no way to prove his abilities, (no photos or references) Jeff says “Divine intervention made things start to happen”.

Wallace Woodworks Artisans

Honesty to integrity

Remembering those beginning years of obscurity he is grateful and attributes the longevity of the business to honesty and integrity, hard work, and the desire to always do the best he can. The most gratifying part of his work is rendering customers speechless the first time they see their completed project and hearing the unspoken words of complete satisfaction.



What Clients Say

"Best fine woodworking in the valley. They really focus on quality. I worked for them over the summer and I know Jeff Wallace (owner) well. You will not be disappointed with the final product."


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